tyvek paper

Tyvek® is made in part from post consumer recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable! As an elastic material, the Tyvek® will expand with use. Slim your wallet and cut out the bulk of a leather or canvas wallet without sacrificing the things you need. Each one of the Paperwallet Tyvek® accessories employs an intelligent origami design providing credit-card slots, business card flaps, cash compartment and more. 

Slim down your accessories with Tyvek® and one of Paperwallet’s artist designed accessories.

tyvek paper

Paperwallet accessories are made from extremely durable Tyvek paper. Tyvek® is paper-thin and all Paperwallet accessories are carefully designed and folded to create fully functional modern accessories. Tyvek® is also elastic, waterproof, and long-lasting, and is built to keep up with your busy life. With the planet in mind, Tyvek paper is an eco-friendly material that is being incorporated into fashion design in all categories.

Comfort as innovation

tyvek paper

We continually aim to improve our everyday accessories, and with an obsessive attention to detail the Paperwallet origami inspired designs are created with function and comfort as the driving force. Tyvek material creates an opportunity to create a thin, comfortable and fully functional wallet for whatever your everyday needs may be. A wallet that fits all of your necessities in whatever pocket you choose. The wallet is extremely durable, expandable and will stand the test of time and tough. Rain or shine, packed-full or minimalist, Paperwallet accessories are designed to move seamlessly between work, play, and travel.

Tyvek Keeps it Green!

Paperwallet is a socially conscious company, making innovative and eco-friendly products is at the core of our values. The Tyvek® material used to create the wallet and other accessories is 100% recyclable and is made-up in part of already recycled material.

tyvek paper

Support the Artists

The artwork on the wallets and accessories brings personal and creative expression to your everyday accouterment.  Our focus is to be a platform for the artist so get their art and names out there, while creating artistic accessories that are as comfortable as they are exciting. The best part of what Paperwallet does is finding new artists with something to say, and something to share.

Paperwallet supports the artists through the Paperwallet Artist and Affiliate Network.  The artists earn money every time their wallet sells on Paperwallet.com and the artists and affiliate partners use links to promote the artists’ products through their own respective networks.  If you would like to become an affiliate partner with Paperwallet, just get in touch we would love to start working with you!

If you have ideas, if you're an artist, or you just want to get in touch…let us know

Tyvek Collabs

Collaboration is really what Paperwallet is all about. Paperwallet works with artists, brands, institutions, and companies on collaborative efforts all over the creative space. Each collaboration tries to bring innovative product design and creative expression together.

Working with artists is something we do to create all Paperwallet designs, but many times we partner up with artists to promote a broader goal. Check out our recent collab with Ai Weiwei, a prominent Chinese activist, and one of today’s most important and controversial artists. With exhibitions in major art museums around the world, Weiwei’s art is centered around the need for free expression and deals directly with his experiences in mainland China. In creating two wallets, Weiwei hopes to raise awareness for his Free Expression campaign and raise money for activities in this arena.              

We also connect with brands to connect our artists with other innovators making next-generation products. Check out our collab with Taiwanese design house, Bitplay, to create a modern twist (it’s awesome) to a classic lamp. These limited edition pieces are nearly sold out and only available in a handful of places. The lamps shades were designed by Paperwallet artists and printed on Tyvek®! Check them out here. 

Companies with a focus on design like Cartoon Network and Shutterstock continue to work with to make sure their branding efforts stay effective and fresh, and we have worked with companies like these on dozens of designs that we make exclusively for them. You can’t get these limited pieces on paperwallet.com, but here are some images of these collabs.

We have tyvek® Shoes coming too as well as a whole bunch of other collabs in the pipeline – Connect with us if you want to collab!