Submit Your Design

1 Download the template

Download Paperwallet template and instructions to get started. Create a design that you would want to rock on your wallet. There are no rules. Our wallet is your canvas, so go for it.

2 Submit Your Design

Once you are done designing your template upload it to Pw Facebook page and Forum for people to vote on. Votes are taken in consideration when choosing the next design, so tell tell your friends and spread the word. Submitted designs are then all reviewed by our art team. If your design is chosen we will make YOUR limited edition paperwallet.

Email your design to:

3 Get In !

If your designs get chosen you and your art will get exposure through our international network.Once we get ready to ship you will start making some extra dough through our profit sharing program and we will send you 10 free wallets with your design to share with your fans.

Need Some Support?

For further information please contact us at:


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Upload your work to our facebook page