Paperwallet’s Card Wallets are simple yet ingenious origami design is made from one sheet of Tyvek® smart material. Our Card Wallets are designed to start paper-thin and expand with use to fit your needs and keeping your pockets slim for comfort while holding your cards and other out of house essentials. Our Card Wallets are made from one continuous piece of Tyvek® smart material which makes them virtually untearable wallet and highly resistant to wear and tear. Apart from being super-durable, the Tyvek® we use for our Credit Card Wallets is also water resistant, so rain or shine, you know you’re protected with our waterproof Card Wallets. Even though these slim credit card wallets are essentially paper thin wallets, they still expand over time while remaining beautiful and never compromising their durability.

Choose from any of our artists’ custom printed Tyvek credit card wallets, each with their own unique and beautiful designs making your Card Wallet a reflection of your own style.

credit card wallet