6 Reasons to Invest in a Thin Wallet This Year

by Ankit R on July 04, 2019

Tired of lugging around a bulky leather or fabric wallet? We get it! Luckily the future is here, and that future includes upgraded accessories like the thin wallet. Not familiar with thin wallets? We’ve got you covered. We provide you with a complete overview of the benefits of making the switch to these innovative new wallets.


What is a Thin Wallet?

We know what you’re thinking- “Is there really a significant difference between traditional wallets and thin wallets?”. Our answer is a resounding yes! The world is changing; innovations in fashion and technology are emerging each and every day. All these changes improving the way we live and work means that we no longer have to settle for the traditional wallets of our fathers and grandfathers.

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Thin wallets kick things up a notch, reducing unnecessary material use for a slimmer accessory that contains just as much storage space. Thin wallets are more comfortable to wear in pockets, often use environmentally friendly materials, offer data protection, and can be aligned with today’s fashion trends to set you apart from the crowd. Read on to discover six reasons to ditch your traditional wallet and invest in a thin wallet of your very own.


Thin Wallets Can Fit into Nearly Any Pocket

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It’s time to celebrate! The days of an overstuffed and bulky traditional wallet are behind us. When we say thin wallet, we mean thin. We achieve a maximum level of slimness due to both the Tyvek® material our wallets are made from as well as the space-optimized origami folding style we implement. This results in a highly compact wallet that can fit into nearly any size pocket (that includes you too, gals!). The best part is, it won’t create an uncomfortable or too-tight fit like other wallets might. With a less restrictive pocket, you’ll be free to go about your day’s activities with ease. After all, a wallet should make your life easier, not more challenging.


Thin Wallets are Perfect for a Cashless Lifestyle

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For those who are transitioning to a cashless lifestyle, a thin wallet is an excellent option for you. Other, more traditional wallet designs falsely assume that each user needs pockets for both credit cards and cash. On the other hand, our thin wallets, like the RFID Slim Wallet can carry an impressive amount of cash and cards (12-16 cards, plus bills). If you’re not into carrying cash, however, we have other options like the Card Wallet available. This style of wallet focuses purely on holding your credit cards. The Card Wallet is even slimmer than the Slim, but can still carry between 10-12 cards plus receipts. No matter what the contents of your wallet may be, there’s a thin wallet option for you!


Minimalistic and Modern Designs

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The best thing about thin wallets from Paperwallet is that we source our designs from artists located around the globe, each bringing their own personal styles to their lines. Our artists hail from Asia, Europe, the United States and beyond, sampling pieces of their own cultures and backgrounds while infusing elements of popular artistic styles. At Paperwallet, our design selections change frequently and wallets are made in small batches, making each of our minimalist wallets part of an exclusive collection. So whether you’re looking for an old-school cartoon or pop art-style design, or a sleek, simple, and modern look, you can match your style to your thin wallet!


Thin Wallets Keep Sensitive Information Safe

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Did you know it costs under $400 for a criminal to obtain the proper technology to steal your financial information via walk-by skimmers? That’s right! If your sensitive data contained in your wallets aren’t properly protected, you’re at risk for theft. With the increased need for data-protection, one might be concerned that a wallet so thin would lack the proper RFID technology. Not these slim wallets! With a Paperwallet RFID wallet, you get both the slim wallet plus the necessary protection to ensure your sensitive information is kept safe from skimmers. The RFID lining is so small, you can’t even tell it’s there, but rest assured knowing it’s protecting your credit cards and other private information 24/7.


Travel Light? So Do Thin Wallets.

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Many classic wallets include a lot of extra material that weighs down the wallet - and your pocket! Part of the reason for this is the primary material the wallet is constructed from. While these wallets may be made from heavier materials such as leather, cloth, or plastic, Paperwallet’s thin wallets are made from Tyvek® material. This material is similar to a highly durable combination of paper and fabric. It is also highly flexible, meaning it can be turned into a variety of products. An added bonus? Tyvek® material is also innately defensive to liquid, chemicals, and wear and tear, meaning your thin wallet will withstand whatever life throws at you. No matter where your travels take you, these thin wallets are so light, you’ll barely notice they’re in your pocket!


Thin Wallets Make Amazing Gifts

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Choosing the perfect gift for friends and family members has never been easier! A thin wallet is an excellent choice for a guy or gal you care about. Gifting a thin wallet makes for a stylish yet useful gift they can use every day. Plus, with so many design options to choose from, you can select a thin wallet that represents your loved ones’ personality, making for a truly custom gift option. Our customers have gifted wallets for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and more! Visit us on social media to see for yourself!

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Whether you go for a thin wallet, or super thin wallet, there are many options available to slim down on the size, weight, and environmental impact your accessories have on your lifestyle. Check out our best selling thin wallet collections, bags, and packs today to get started finding the perfect thin wallet for you!


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