5 Ways to Style Your Clutch Wallet

by Ankit R on November 22, 2018

For those looking for a wallet with a bit of extra space, the clutch wallet is the one for you. Clutch wallets are longer than our standard slim wallets, measuring at 7.1 inches long by 3.8 inches wide. This makes it the perfect style of wallet to carry as an accessory, slip into your handbag or backpack, or pack for longer trips. At Paperwallet, we offer a clutch wallet featuring three card slots, two large cash compartments, and a zippered pouch section. Though you can fit up to 9 cards in a clutch wallet, it’ll still maintain the compact, minimalistic qualities of our other wallets.


What Sets a Clutch Wallet Apart?

While a clutch wallet might not fit as comfortably in all pockets, it creates the perfect balance between the need for slim style and maximum organization of the important items you need to keep track of. Forget the days of struggling to manage your credit cards, cash, and identification cards- the clutch wallet makes it simple to store your items and quickly access them again when needed.

Additionally, clutch wallets are ideal for those looking to add a pop of color to their look for the day. Whether you’re attending class, meeting up with friends, or going to a special event, you can bring your clutch wallet with you to amp up your outfit. Our artists have crafted an array of unique designs across several styles, so there’s a theme for everyone!


How to Style Your Clutch Wallet

Whether your personal style is bright and bold, or sleek and modern, Paperwallet has you covered. We break down five creative ways to style your clutch wallet.


80’s Throwback:

image of woman holding a pink clutch wallet

No era embraced color quite as well as the 80’s! Pay homage to the past by styling your clutch wallet with leather, lace, and maybe even some leg warmers! If you’ve always wanted to channel your inner Madonna, try some black or white lace detailing on your shirt, hem of your shorts, or in your accessories. If you connect more with the sporty styles of the 80’s, try mixing and matching your favorite colors following the jazzercise style. Tight-fitting bodysuits, colorful tights, and bright muscle tanks are the way to go! If bright colors aren’t your thing, embrace darker tones through a leather jacket, shoes, or accessories to create the perfect canvas to showcase your clutch wallet!

For those looking to add some color to their world, a bright and bold clutch wallet is the one for you! We suggest “Phased” or “Heat Stroke”

image of man in a black leather jacketwoman sitting on the floor wearing jeans and a lace top


Classic Modern:

image of woman sitting on a bench with a black and white clutch wallet


Styling this wallet is a dream! You can dress it up or down depending on the occasion and play with monochromatic looks or pops of color for contrast. Because of the muted colors and tones of these styles of clutch wallets, you have several options for styling your outfit. If you’d like to keep it simple and classy, lean into the neutral theme and go for a stylish all-black look. You could also play up the striped theme and dress in stripes from head to toe to make a bold statement. For those looking to branch out a bit, we’d suggest trying a pop of color in your shoes, bow-ties, or accessories.

For a wallet that works whether you’re in the office or out on the town, we’d suggest going for a classically modern print like “Eye Test”.

image of blonde woman in a long black dress

image of man in striped shirt



image of man with a tattoo holding a clutch wallet

When styling a clutch wallet that draws a lot of attention, we like to keep things simple. Our go-to uniform? Nice jeans or khakis, a crisp, clean t-shirt or button down, and a funky hat are the perfect foundation when styling an edgy clutch wallet. We also suggest going for fabrics with texture rather than busy patterns. The edginess of the clutch wallet allows for opportunities to play with unusual materials like jean, leather, or corduroy.

Nothing says edgy like featuring an unexpected character or design! Our favorite edgy clutch wallet? The “Shark Feed”.

image of man in jeans and a jean jacket



image of a colorful clutch wallet

Whether you want to feel close to nature, or give yourself some motivation to make it to your next vacation, a tropical-inspired clutch wallet makes everyone’s day a little brighter. These wallets call for equally relaxed and comfortable clothing. We suggest flowy dresses, loose-fitting pants, and lots of beaded, wood, or natural toned accessories. For fabrics, it’s best to stick with cotton, linen, or sheer woven styles in sunny colors.

The “Leaves” or “Polkactus” are the perfect clutch wallet designs for those looking for some tropical vacation inspiration.

woman by the ocean in a white jumpsuit


Color Blocked:

image of a green clutch wallet

One of the most fashion forward ways to style your clutch wallet is to match it completely! Color blocking is a fun and trendy way to pay homage to your wallet’s design. Monochromatic looks can either encompass each piece of the outfit in the same exact color, or each piece representing a different shade within the same color spectrum. No matter what you decide, a color blocked look is sure to make an impression! If you live your life in a specific color palette, why not grab a clutch wallet to match?

For those who dress in blue and green, we’d suggest “Blue Camo” or “Lines”.

image of woman outside in a red outfit

How do you style your clutch wallet? Let us know in the comments!


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