10 Things That Won't Destroy Your Slim Wallet

by Ankit R on July 24, 2019

We put a lot of thought into the style and functionality of your Paperwallet product. One of the most important aspects of designing a slim wallet is ensuring it’s durable and able to keep up with your busy lifestyle, no matter where your adventures may take you. You’re probably looking down at your traditional leather or fabric wallet right now wondering what our secret is. Well you don’t have to look far, we’re happy to share it with you!

The solution is Tyvek®. Tyvek® material is often used for construction site materials, packaging and tags, and maps. In addition to extreme durability, it’s known for its insulating properties, resistance to liquids, ability to deter molds, and its lightweight and malleable nature. Pretty neat, right? We think so too, which is why each and every one of our products is made with Tyvek®. To put into perspective just how strong your slim wallet is, we’ve put together a list of ten things that won’t completely destroy your slim wallet.


1. Blending Your Slim Wallet
image of blender in a kitchen - slim wallet
Now we hope you don’t typically engage in situations that involve trying to blend up a slim wallet into a smoothie, but you can rest assured that your smoothie will be wallet-free when trying it with a Paperwallet product.

2. Running Your Slim Wallet Over With a Car

image of a blue car - slim wallet

We’ve all been there. It’s a busy morning, you’ve got a lot on your mind, and as you rush out the door, your slim wallet slips out of your pocket. As you get in the car and pull out of the driveway, you feel a “bump” or even worse, a “crunch” underneath your tires! With a slim wallet made out of Tyvek®, wave that moment goodbye. Even your car can’t completely destroy your slim wallet.

3. Smashing Your Slim Wallet With a Hammer
image of a hammer and nails - slim wallet
We sincerely hope you won’t take out your anger on your thin wallet, but if a hammer does happen to come in contact with your slim wallet, everything should be okay! While we can’t say for sure what the state of your credit cards and cash will be after this encounter, we can confirm that your slim wallet should be able to withstand the battering and bruising.

4. Dropping Your Slim Wallet in the Toilet
image of a pink toilet - slim wallet
One of the worst feelings in this life is accidentally dropping your phone or wallet into a toilet. Accidents happen, but they can put a serious damper on your day - and your slim wallet! Luckily the slim wallet from Paperwallet is liquid-resistant, toilet water included! So you’ll have a few extra seconds to retrieve your wallet and hopefully all its contents!

5. Baking Your Slim Wallet in a Toaster Oven
image of toast and an egg - slim wallet
One of these groggy mornings you might end up accidentally popping your slim wallet into the toaster oven instead of your breakfast. Not to fear, your Tyvek® wallet has the power to make it out alive!

6. Freezing Your Slim Wallet in a Block of Ice
image of person holding block of ice - slim wallet
While this scenario is probably unlikely to happen on an average day, if for some reason your slim wallet does get submerged in water and then frozen into a popsicle, there’s no need to worry! That’s right, because Tyvek® is incredibly liquid-resistant, freezing your slim wallet won’t completely destroy it!

7. Dropping Your Slim Wallet From a Multi-Story Building
image of skyscrapers - slim wallet
Whether your wallet takes a freefall off the top of a rollercoaster ride or gets released from a rooftop bar, it’s tough enough to withstand a drop from a multi-story building. Unlike your favorite superhero, Paperwallet slim wallets don’t have the ability to fly or webs to sling, but they do feature super strength!

8. Running Your Slim Wallet Through the Washing Machine
image of legs sticking out of a washing machine - slim wallet
This is one we can all relate to! How many times have you searched high and low in your home for your missing slim wallet only to find it tucked into your pant pocket- in the washing machine? Many wallets are made of materials that will weaken or be completely destroyed after a trip or two through the spin cycle, but not a slim wallet made of Tyvek®.

9. Hit Your Slim Wallet With a Baseball Bat
image of baseball player in red - slim wallet
Run out of baseballs during practice? A Paperwallet slim wallet will look just a tad different, but you can certainly try using one as a replacement! While we can’t speak for your cards, coins, and cash, we can say with confidence that not even a hit by a baseball bat will destroy your slim wallet. Batter up!

10. When Your Slim Wallet Becomes Your Dog’s Chew Toy

    image of a black pug in striped sweater - slim wallet

    What’s worse than your dog eating your homework? When your dog turns your slim wallet into a chew toy! Imagine those canine teeth marks marring up the leather, or puncturing holes through the fabric - yikes. That’s a one-way trip to having to throw that old wallet out and buy a new one. Luckily, a Paperwallet slim wallet is durable enough to withstand your pup’s bark and bite.


    Want to see more about the strength, flexibility, and durability of our wallets? Check out the full slim wallet feature video below or order your own slim wallet today!

    Paperwallet - The Slim Wallet from Paperwallet on Vimeo.


    *Please note, Paperwallet is not encouraging readers to engage in the activities mentioned. Many of these situations are potentially dangerous and should be approached with caution. Paperwallet is not responsible for any damage to wallets or their contents that may be inflicted due to inspiration from the article.



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